Trigger-Free Parenting Quest:

12-week Group Program

How to stop frustration and anger in your parenting, start effortlessly parenting your child, and create more joy and connection in your home

Does your 24-hour, 7-days a week parenting make you feel overwhelmed during the Pandemic?

As the days drag during quarantine, you find yourself…

… dishing-out unfair consquences when your children don’t eat their dinner

… barking orders at the end of the night because chores still aren’t finished

… exploding at the site of the untidy house becuase  kids don’t clean up after themselves

… shaming and blaming them over incorrect homework

…looking forward to your children’s bedtime just to get a break from being stressed

“We Can’t control our children’s challenging behavior, but we can control and are responsible for is our response”

After years of ongoing trial and error, mentors’ advice, and parent coaching, I discovered that unhealthy mindsets + emotional triggers were the real source of many parenting challenges. All too often, in the heat of the moment, our negative thoughts fuel our emotions and hijack our parenting decisions, and we spill those big emotions on our beloved kids. Many mothers, including me, realize that it is not only ineffective parenting but most of all it prevents us from having positive and loving connections with our children. 


As a mother of four daughters, homeschooling parent + working as a  preschool teacher, I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to work with countless families over the last 21 years. But as a parent I had my bumps in the rode, I held onto the thought that if my children would just behave then I could maintain my cool as a mom. In reality, I learned that addressing what I was bringing to my parenting both my negative mindsets + emotional baggage was KEY to transforming myself first and then my parenting for the better. It’s not perfect but with Allah’s help, I continue to do my best to fulfill this Amana of Motherhood. This is why I’m dedicated to working with Muslim mothers just like you who feel stuck in their parenting, wanting so bad to fulfill this beautiful Amana but not know how to easily address their parenting challenges.

 A Guided program for Moms ready to STep into the Leadership Calmly & Effectively

In the “Trigger-Free Parenting Quest” 12-week group program, you will gain the needed tools to shift from frustration to ease in your parenting. This comprehensive program offers a holistic approach to parenting allowing Moms the opportunity to tackle their parenting on a Mindset, Emotional and Behavioral level. This process helps mothers learn to manage their parenting mindsets + big emotions therefore allowing them to manage their behavior as they guide their children. You will walk away feeling empowered to step into your leadership role to create and model more effective, calm, and loving interactions with your children- as found in the Prophetic Way. 

Week 1 – 3

Mindul Level: Here, we go deep in releasing negative   parenting beliefs that we are holding on to, allowing us to adopts new supportive + healthy parenting mindsets.


Week 4 – 7

Emotional Level: Let’s start by increasing our emotional vocabulary, allowing us to more easily identify all our emotions + regulate the big emotions that show up in our day-to-day parenting 

Week 7 – 12

 Behavioral Level: First, learn to meet your own needs! Become your child’s emotional coach as you guide them in learning emotional regulation practices and learn to incorporate mindful discipline, Islamically.

In light of the pandemic, our role as moms has only gotten busier. This guided program is designed to be flexible and self-paced with audios and homework sent directly to your inbox!


Each week, you’ll gain access to recorded lessons that provide new concepts and parenting tools that are easily applicable to your everyday parenting. You will also receive bit-sized homework to help you implement new parenting practices and create encouragement in your parenting journey.  


I’ve learned that coaching + support is MUCH more effective than simply learning the concepts on your own. That’s why mothers are encouraged to connect as accountability buddies throughout the 12-Week sessions in a private member site. You can connect and be supported by other like-minded Moms striving to better themselves and create more peace in our homes, for the sake of Allah. 


 This course includes the opportunity to join weekly Live Group Coaching Calls. Where you will receive tailored coaching including getting your specific questions about parenting answered + support in integrating the new parenting approaches. 

“Alhumdulilah, so refreshing and added loads of clarity! May Allah reward you for your efforts!”

The Program has helped me unpack alot of my thoughts…and change my perspective…my biggest takeaway was that I focused on the kids so much, but it’s me I needed to focus on, and that is empowering because that is something I can do something about…I am happy with the work we have done, and I am happy to be a Mom….no longer feeling like it is a burden.”

Malika P. | Mother of 3 


Learn what Moms are saying about Amana Parenting…

Yusur helped me be more confident in my parenting and reconnect with my daughter. Now I don’t yell, punish or bribe and instead pause, talk and listen- in turn, my daughter is cooperating more! After taking this class, I feel less stressed about parenting and actually enjoy it. It has made my whole family happier.


“I have personally benefited from my work with Yusur by knowing that whenever I have a parenting challenge, Yusur is a great resource in parenting and what that Islamic tradition can teach us for parenting challenges we face.”


The tools and techniques I learned have really helped me to have more meaningful conversations with my daughters… given me confidence in setting clear boundaries with my children that they can follow.It’s made a world of difference in the peace I feel when parenting, and it has given us all a stronger bond and connection.


“I found myself in a judgment-free space where I could talk openly and candidly about some of my feelings and behaviors with regards to parenting and, most importantly, about myself as a person and mother.” 


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