Create Your Mindful Discipline Roadmap 

for 2021:

Online Workshop

No more yelling, no more power Struggles, no more guilt during your 24-hours, 7-days a week parenting 

Recently, I’ve been overwhelmed with countless questions about the do’s and don’t of disciplining… 

Some of the real struggles shared by moms are, my child:

….still doesn’t listen after I repeat instructions for the 3rd time 

….doesn’t understand the connection between their inappropriate actions and the consequence

….doesn’t take consequences seriously by completely ignoring me 

….responds to consequences with full blown tantrums and sometimes violence.

Sounds familiar, right. 

So for all the mothers feeling overwhelmed, confused or hesitant about “discipline,” this workshop is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create a personalized Mindful Discipline Roadmap for 2021



As a mother of 4, I know the most common parenting challenge we have as Muslim mothers not only includes finding the most effective forms of “disciplining,” but those that align beautifully with our deen! Many of us view discipline as a way to set kids “straight” such as spanking, shaming or yelling. After years of ongoing trial and error, and parent coaching, I’ve discovered that “discipline” isn’t a tool to control our child- but in reality a way to provide training that develops Prophetic character which includes self-control and strong faith, insha’Allah.


 The “Create Your Mindful Discipline Plan” Workshop is created for moms overwhelmed with constant power struggles, tantrums and varying advice on discipline. Inshallah, I’ll guide you through a step-by-step roadmap for 2021 to remove daily parenting challenges all while teaching children how to manage their emotions, develop self-control, and gain good akhlaq i.e. character. During this interactive workshop, you will have a safe space + time to design your roadmap along with other-like minded moms. Not only will you create a tailored discipline plan that is effective- but a set of strategies you feel good about implementing on a daily basis!


No longer lashing out in the heat of the moment

No longer dishing out punishments

No longer relying on bribes to get them to listen

No longer fueling power struggles 

No longer feeling guilty

    The Mindful Discipline roadmap will help you become confident in  your 2021 parenting, by helping you:

    • Get Clarity on Your Goals for Discipline
    • Pinpoint + Address Your Parenting Challenges  
    • Find Tailored Practices that Help Teach Islamic Values 
    • Learn the 5 R’s for Choosing Fair Consequences
    • Learn Effective Tips + Ideas to set your kids up for success

    BONUS: For this special workshop, you’ll receive access to the “Dare Not To Punish” Webinar that will tell you “Why Punishments Don’t Work” + the 7-page Mindful Discipline Plan Workbook so you can easily design your personalized roadmap!

    By the end, you’ll walk away with actionable steps you can start at home, so you guide and teach your children how to manage their emotions, develop self-control, and ultimately gain good akhlaq (character).




    Learn what mothers are saying about working with Yusur…


    “Yusur has always been there to listen and provide practical advice that I could easily incorporate into my routine….the tools and techniques I learned have really given me confidence in setting clear boundaries with my children that they can follow. It’s made a world of difference in the peace I feel when parenting and it has given us all a stronger bond and connection”

    Christina I Mother of 2

    “Yusur helped me be more confident in my parenting and reconnect with my daughter. Now I don’t yell, punish or bribe and instead pause, talk and listen- in turn, my daughter is cooperating more!

    After taking this class, I feel less stressed about parenting and actually enjoy it. It has made my whole family happier.  Thank you so much!”

    Misbah I Mother of 3

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    1. Saturday, January 16th 2021

    From 10am-12:30pm PST (San Fransisco)

    2. Sunday, January 17th, 2021

    From 12pm-2:30pm PST (San Fransisco)

    *Workshop will be held online via Zoom.

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