Thriving Not Just Surviving Motherhood:

4-Week Online Course

Assalamu Alaikum,

Let’s build an action plan to bring cooperation, confidence and calmness with your child.

In this interactive online program “Thriving Muslim Moms”, Parent Coach Yusur Hassan helps you shift from frustration to cooperation in your parenting decisions and outlooks. Rather than lecture you with a list of parenting tips, this 4-week program empowers you with the action plan to establish 4 building blocks for more cooperation in your parenting & peace in your home.

                I am Yusur Hassan, Your Partner in Parenting, and Certified Parent Coach & Educator

                As a mother of four daughters, homeschooling parent, and preschooler teacher, I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to work with countless families. Over the past decade, I’ve worked with over a hundred plus mothers to create understanding and connection with their children. From Kenya to sunny California, I have hosted workshops, taught live classes as well as coached mothers 1-on-1 with my signature Deep Dive Program. I’ve designed this master class to equip you with the essential foundation for lasting and loving parental

                It’s time to get out of default parenting patterns that aren’t working for you!

                In this course, we’ll cover the 4 main building blocks for more cooperation & calm with your child:

                1. Identifying & Managing your emotional triggers (to peacefully and constructively respond to your kid’s tantrums – all while keeping your cool in parenting) 

                2. Peacefully setting appropriate expectations, boundaries and consequences that stick based on Islamic values (so you can eliminate power struggles and teach responsibility)

                3. Increase your child’s willingness to listen through loving connections and positive interactions (as modeled in the Prophetic Way)

                4. Learning Effective and Respectful Communication skills (that will give you the confidence and tools to work through difficult parenting situations) 

                “Since the class I’ve experienced more patience with my family and self all while truly being able to appreciate the Gift of motherhood.”

                Before taking the TTM Class…I was challenged in in my parenting with…. emotional understanding of my triggers and how to better handle the behaviors of my children. After taking the TMM Class in my parenting I began to practice getting curious about behaviors to find the root need for myself, children, and spouse! 

                Malika P. | Mother of 3 

                This Online Class Includes:

                Since this class is designed for busy mamas across the globe, I’ve done my best to make everything easily accessible.

                LESSONS & TOOLS

                Each week, I’ll facilitate a LIVE Class providing new concept, parenting tools, support, and coaching on a specific topic so you can overcome your biggest parenting challenges 1-on-1. Not to mention, lessons & handouts sent straight to your email box


                I’ve learned that coaching + support is MUCH more effective than simply learning the concepts on your own. That’s why I’m including access to a private facebook group. You can get support from like-minded parents and ask me all your specific questions about parenting, your kids, and the challenges your family is facing.


                This course includes the opportunity for 1-on-1 parenting advice during Q&A portion. We can discuss what’s happening with your child and I’ll walk you through strategies to make more peace in your home.

                Week 1

                The Inner Work of Parenting: Emotional Regulation 

                Saturday 03/07, at 9:00 am PST

                In this introductory class, we’ll cover:

                • Our Four Basic Emotions
                • How to Disarm Emotional Triggers 
                • How to work with the Emotional Baggage that Motherhood brings up

                Homework: Calming Techniques to Disarm Your Triggers


                Week 2

                Anger, Big Emotions and Parenting  

                Saturday 03/14, at 9:00 am PST

                 In our secound class, we’ll discuss:

                • How to deal with your child’s big emotions, specifically anger
                • Being your child’s Emotional Detective 
                • New Tools for Connections

                Homework: Using Anger as a Guide, The Get Curious Not Furious Approach

                Week 3

                Setting Limits that (Peacefully) Stick

                Saturday 03/21, at 9:00 am PST 

                In this class, we’ll cover:

                • Understand consequences vs. punishments
                • Identify & establish age-appropriate boundaries & consequences
                • Learn how setting limits creates deep connection with your children

                Homework: Use Action Plan for Setting Boundaries & Consequences

                week 4

                Loving Connections, Effective and Respectful Communication 

                Saturday 03/28, at 9:00 am PST


                In our final class, we will discuss:

                • Importance of  loving connections and positive interactions
                • Tips for loving connections in  daily interactions with our kids
                • Understanding Effective and Respectful Communication
                • Learning skills to confidently communicate thru challenging parenting situations

                Bonus: We’ll review ALL parenting tools with a comprehensive Q&A.

                Need Extra Support In Your Parenting? 

                Motherhood is the hardest job you’ll ever have, and no one should have to do it alone.
                 Get 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Yusur for specified & detailed support with your unique parenting challenges. Each half an hour session, Yusur will work to tailorize course material to fit YOUR parenting action plan.

                Coach Yusur joined by lovely moms from Her last Parenting Class in the Bay Area

                Don’t miss out on this beautiful opportunity to work on your parenting from the inside-out.



                What Mothers are saying …

                My biggest take-away was feeling far from alone in my parenting struggles, being able to be authentic and honest with other mothers, finally finding a mindful modern parenting resource that includes the Muslim tradition.

                - AMINAH D. I MOTHER OF 6

                “I have personally benefited from my work with Yusur by knowing that whenever I have a parenting challenge, Yusur is a great resource in parenting and what that Islamic tradition can teach us for parenting challenges we face.”

                - AMANDA C. I MOTHER OF 2

                The tools and techniques I learned have really helped me to have more meaningful conversations with my daughters… given me confidence in setting clear boundaries with my children that they can follow.

                - CHRISTINA M. I MOTHER OF 2

                “I found myself in a judgment-free space where I could talk openly and candidly about some of my feelings and behaviors with regards to parenting and, most importantly, about myself as a person and mother.” 

                - JAMEELA J. I MOTHER OF 1

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                Coaching Upgrade

                Get 3 private Coaching Sessions with Yusur, for specified & detailed support with your unique parenting challenges- only $147 USD.

                *Each half an hour session, Yusur will work to tailorize course material to fit YOUR parenting action plan.

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                 Bonus Group Coaching TBD

                *All classes will be held online via Zoom.

                **All participants will receive a bonus group coaching session*

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