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Shift from Chaos to Ease in your Parenting…

Many of us mothers can agree that our 24 hours, 7-days a week parenting doesn’t stop in Ramadan, including our parenting struggles. Let’s be honest, our children will still refuse to eat their breakfast or take hours to get out of bed. As we juggle our responsibilities of cooking iftar on time and constantly keeping our children occupied, we find ourselves being emotionally triggered by our children’s challenging behavior. Quite often, we end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by our Ramadan experience.

After years of ongoing trial and error, mentors’ advice, and parent coaching, I discovered that emotional triggers are the real source of our parenting challenges. All too often in the heat of the moment, our emotions hijack our parenting decisions and we spill that upset on our beloved kids. Many mothers including myself realize that it is not only ineffective but most of all it prevents us from having positive and loving connections with our children. 

You’re at the right place, if you no longer want to feel…

… exhausted from arguing your kids to get them to accept a punishment

… overwhelmed by the power struggles with your teenager

… stressed out from constantly correcting your child, fearing they will have bad character

… guilty when you shame and blame your kids after a heated exchange


As a mother of four daughters, homeschooling parent, & preschooler teacher, I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to work with countless families. Over the past decade, I’ve worked with over a 100 + mothers to create understanding and connection with their children. is a parenting educator and certified parenting coach. I am blessed to have hosted parenting workshops and taught live classes nationally and internationally as well as lead a mother’s support group at my local mosque. I am truly passionate about helping parents create insights that will cultivate deep connections and bond and open up new levels of cooperation that will peacefully fulfill the sacred amana (trust) to guide their children.


 A Guided program for Moms ready to STep into the Leadership Calmly & Effectively

In the “Parenting from the Inside-Out” 30-day program, you will gain the needed tools to shift from chaos to ease in your parenting, starting by addressing your emotions first and foremost. You will walk away feeling empowered to step into your leadership role (that Allah has given you) to model more effective, calm and loving interactions with your children as found in the Prophetic Way.

*Note: Ramadan is a busy time of the year, this guided program is designed to be flexible and self-paced with audios and homework sent directly to your inbox!

In this Comprehensive Parenting Program You’ll Learn How To:

  • Manage your emotional triggers 
  • Identify your hotspots when most reactionary
  • Work with techniques for releasing emotion
  • Discover the hidden message behind your triggers 
  • Gain emotional management to better respond to your beloved children


Each week, you’ll gain access to recorded lessons that provide new concepts and parenting tools that are easily applicable to your everyday parenting. You will also receive bit-sized homework to help you implement new parenting practices and create encouragement in your parenting journey.  



I’ve learned that coaching + support is MUCH more effective than simply learning the concepts on your own. That’s why mothers are encouraged to connect with each other as accountable buddies throughout the 30-day class in a private member site. You can connect and support other like-minded parents striving to better themselves and create more peace in our homes, for the sake of Allah. 


This course includes the opportunity to join weekly Live Group Coaching Calls. Where you can privately ask all your specific questions about parenting, your kids, and the challenges your family is facing.discuss what’s happening with your child and I’ll walk you through strategies to make more peace in your home.

“Alhumdulilah, so refreshig and added loads of clarity! May Allah reward you for your efforts!”

“Before taking a class with Yusur …I was challenged in in my parenting with…. emotional understanding of my triggers and how to better handle the behaviors of my children. In my parenting I began to practice getting curious about behaviors to find the root need for myself, children, and spouse! Since her class I’ve experienced more patience with my family and self all while truly being able to appreciate the Gift of motherhood. “

Malika P. | Mother of 3 

Let’s strive to reach our parenting best this Ramadan!  

Investment in yourself today by joining this 30-day flexible parenting program 


Learn what Moms are saying about Amana Parenting…

My biggest take-away was feeling far from alone in my parenting struggles, being able to be authentic and honest with other mothers, finally finding a mindful modern parenting resource that includes the Muslim tradition.


“I have personally benefited from my work with Yusur by knowing that whenever I have a parenting challenge, Yusur is a great resource in parenting and what that Islamic tradition can teach us for parenting challenges we face.”


The tools and techniques I learned have really helped me to have more meaningful conversations with my daughters… given me confidence in setting clear boundaries with my children that they can follow.


“I found myself in a judgment-free space where I could talk openly and candidly about some of my feelings and behaviors with regards to parenting and, most importantly, about myself as a person and mother.” 


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Sept 7th 3:00pm: DAY 1 "Got Triggers?"

Sept 8th 3:00pm: DAY 2 "They Got To Go!"

Sept 9th 3:00pm: DAY 3 "Name It Before You Tame It "

Sept 10th 3:00pm: DAY 4 "Working It Out"

Sept 11th 3:00pm: DAY 5 "Getting Into Action"



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